Hi, I'm Dorianne St Fleur! I'm a career coach & salary strategist based in New York City. I coach, speak and write about how to leverage your unique strengths to increase your income and climb the corporate ladder - without sacrificing impact.

I'm a sought-after speaker, writer and HR expert. My articles have appeared in many online publications, such as Black Enterprise, BuzzFeed, Forbes, Huffington Post and The Muse.

I began my career in Operations Management at Goldman Sachs before moving to HR. It was here I got my first taste of career coaching.  Over the past 10 years, I've worked on top HR teams at other Investment Banks and Technology Firms in the New York City area.

Since launching my boutique career coaching agency in 2015, I've advised and coached mid to senior level women (and men!) from all industries and backgrounds. 

My philosophy on career success goes way deeper than LinkedIn profiles and networking events. Sure – those things are important, but they aren’t what’s going to get you to the promised land – which is that fulfilling career you’ve always wanted.

Whether you watch one of my videos on YouTube, listen to my podcast or hear one of my talks on stage, you’ll quickly realize that my true focus and commitment is to help you identify and leverage your divine purpose so you can have a fulfilling career (and life).