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Dorianne St Fleur is a HR expert, career strategist and leadership coach who helps top performing women of color break through their overwhelm, confusion and negative thinking so they can do the work they’re meant to do - and get paid well to do it.  

Dorianne is the founder of digital career development agency, Your Career Girl, and the creator of the Deeper than Work podcast, which has been recognized by BuzzFeed as one of “27 Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To.” She has been featured in Black Enterprise, Working Mother, Forbes, Fast Company and The Muse.

Dorianne brings a culturally relevant perspective to her work. She draws from her education, 10+ years of work experience, deep empathy, and hundreds of conversations with top performers from all walks of life, to help her clients by creating customized strategies to reach 6 figures and beyond while fulfilling their professional purpose.

Dorianne teaches courses, hosts private coaching engagements as well as facilitates masterminds for high earning, high performing women of color in HR, Legal, Compliance, Corporate Finance, Communications and Operations.



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“Dorianne St Fleur presents a careers podcast full of advice you'll wish you'd got a long time ago.”

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5 Real Reasons You're Getting Radio Silence After A Final Interview.

100,000+ Impressions

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Black Entreprise

“The No. 1 reason women don’t get paid the salary they’re worth is because they don’t really know how much they want.”

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Fast Company

How To Handle Working For a Boss Who’s Younger Than You.



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