One-on-one career coaching for high performing women of color who are ready to level up in their careers.


  • You’ve just started a new role and want to make your first 90 days as impactful as possible,

  • You’re a new manager trying to kick off a mutually beneficial relationship with your team,

  • You’re feeling stuck in the current state of your career and not sure what to do next,

We can work together to create a strategic and intentional plan to help you succeed in the next phase of your career!

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step one.

Schedule Your Free 30 Minute "Career Breakthrough" Coaching Session

Even before our official coaching relationship begins, it’s important for us to get clear on your unique career goals as well as the hidden challenges holding you back. This is the perfect way for us to make sure we’re on the same page about what you’d like to accomplish.


step two.

Career Clarity Intensive

If you’re ready to get started, we’ll start our coaching engagement off with a deep dive where we’ll get crystal clear on your goals + desired outcomes, milestones, success measures and most importantly – your action plan. This plan will be the north star for our coaching relationship.

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step three.

Bi-weekly Career Conversations

Every other week we’ll have an impactful, intimate meeting (via video conference) where we’ll talk through your wins and challenges. These chats help you stay on track to meet your goals and help us figure out if/when we need to change course. 


step four.

Career Magic Happens

Your hard work, along with my mentorship and guidance, creates the space for career magic to happen! Your goals become attainable, and you’re finally able to create the career you’ve always wanted.

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I’ve helped many top performing women of color…just like you.


"After a few sessions we were able to establish goals based on my strengths. You provided guidance and helped me build confidence in myself. Thank you for helping me determine my destiny." ~Karen W.


"I TRIPLED my salary and landed an amazing role that perfectly blends all of my work experience. Dorianne helped me develop purpose-driven goals, identify my transferable skills and position myself as a stand out addition to any team." ~Moraa O.

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You deserve to have a purposeful, profitable and productive career.



The women I’ve worked with enjoy all kinds of career success, including:

  • Uncovering their purpose

  • Successful personal re-branding

  • 5-figure pay increases

  • More confidence

  • Overcome limiting beliefs

  • Exit a toxic work environment

  • Career fulfillment

  • Landing their dream job

  • Eliminate imposter syndrome

  • Become a better leader/manager