There's a reason why

you haven't hit six figure status yet...

(And's not because INSERT STUFF HERE)

The truth is there's a proven method to get you to six figure status and you won't learn it by reading articles and listening to podcasts...

Believe it or not, six figure status isn't just about money. It's also about mindset and my goal with this course is to help you upgrade both!

Does this sound like you?

  • You want to make more money, but you're overwhelmed with trying to figure out which purpose and career path to choose when you have so many ideas running through your head
  • You're scared due to lack of knowledge when it comes to negotiating and not sure you have the guts to do the work necessary to find a job making more money
  • You're not sure you have what it takes to actually secure a 6 figure job because you don't have the right experience or credentials

You're probably like: "OMG Dorianne, how did you know?!

I know because I felt the same way early on in my career until I  got clear on what it took to reach Six Figure Status!


Hi, I'm Dorianne, HR expert, career strategist, creator of Your Career Girl and your instructor for Six Figure Status!

Since 2010, I've worked with top performing, high earners at Fortune 500 companies as a HR expert specializing in helping people uncover and use their strengths to develop profitable and fulfilling careers.

In 2015, I created Your Career Girl - a boutique career coaching agency - so that I could have the freedom to share my knowledge and expertise with women all over the world.

My clients have done everything from quit their jobs to start full-time businesses (with no prior business experience), negotiate $25k more in salary and bonus (with no prior negotiation experience) and get three job offers from top advertising agencies in just three weeks (with no LinkedIn account before we started working together).

In Six Figure Status, I'm committed to helping you understand and position your expertise in a way that makes you a sought after candidate in your industry...which means you #getpaid.

I've taken everything I've learned (and am still learning) about launching a successful job search and  increasing income, and created a course to help you finally land your dream job.

Six Figure Status is an online experience where we get down to the nitty-gritty of a successful job search.

I'll teach you my Six Figure Job Search Method and help you land your dream job. Period.

  • Learn the 3 P's of career fulfillment 
  • Uncover and articulate your unique expertise
  • Identify your D.R.E.A.M. job 
  • Create a J.U.I.C.Y. resume
  • Turn your LinkedIn profile into a recruiter magnet
  • Perfect your interview skills and be the very B.E.S.T. every single time
  • Master the ABCs of salary negotiation

At the end of the program, you'll have the confidence, knowledge and tools you need to launch a successful six figure job search.

Six Figure Status isn't for everyone.

It's designed specifically for high achieving, ambitious and decisive women serious about career fulfillment. I work with you to launch a search where you'll get a substantial salary increase doing work you actually love.

In other words, Six Figure Status is not for you if you’re looking to just land "anything to pay the bills" or you're "desperate to leave your current job" and not ready to do the work to make your next move, your best move.

My goal is to help you complete a successful job search, which means I guide you through proven strategies to go from job search to job offer as quickly as possible. 

Six Figure Status is designed to get you at least 1 viable job offer in the next 90 days!

And it doesn't stop there...

You'll also receive access to the following EXTRAS at no additional charge:

1. Exclusive and invaluable interviews with high earning women on their experience transitioning to six figure status and their lessons learned.

2. The Building Your Six Figure Network Guide for creating profitable and meaningful relationships that'll help you continue to make more money throughout your career.

All the information from this course (including bonuses) are yours to keep...forever!

I want you to do me a favor. Write down your current salary.

C'mon, do it now.

Now ask yourself, is that amount worth the time and energy you put into your job? Is that amount worth your fulfillment and happiness?

If it's not, then it's time to go after your goal of making six figures and get the tools and knowledge you need to make it happen.

Six Figure Status is the help you’ve been looking for.

Anyone, regardless of background and industry, or if you've tried and failed at making a career change before, can navigate the transition to six figure status by using this course. Six Figure Status provides you with everything you need to know and do before you take the leap.

The course also includes LIVE Q&A Calls:

  • Receive specific and relevant guidance during our LIVE group calls each week
  • Get your questions answered in real time and learn from other students in the course
  • Can't make the calls, no worries, they're all recorded so you can catch up on any ones you miss
  • I'm 100% dedicated to making sure you succeed in landing a job that pays well and is in line with what you want to do

You'll also receive access to a private, members only community of six figure job seekers like you:

  • Find potential people to have information interviews with in your target industry or company
  • Connect with accountability partners in different stages of their job search
  • Learn what's working (and not working) for other six figure job seekers 

Because I'm dedicated to help as many women as possible achieve #sixfigurestatus, there are payment plans available to fit your budget:

  • Six Figure Status Lite pay in full at $499 or 6 payments of $99 (limited availability)
    • lifetime access to the course materials and extras
    • exclusive access to the members only community
  • Six Figure Status Deluxe pay in full at $999 or 6 payments of $199
    • lifetime access to the course materials and extras
    • exclusive access to the members only community
    • live weekly group coaching
    • 1:1 mini-coaching (virtual via the members only community)

So...are you ready? If so, then what are you waiting for?! Be decisive and take action now!

Once you click the above link, If you're on a mobile device, scroll all the way down to see the payment plan options!

Have questions about the course? E-mail