Career Breakthrough Coaching Sessions are for high performing women of color who are ready to break through their overwhelm, confusion and negative thinking to finally have 1000% more clarity about what’s next in their career.

Dorianne St Fleur | Career Coach | Salary Strategist | HR Expert

Dorianne St Fleur | Career Coach | Salary Strategist | HR Expert

During your Career Breakthrough Coaching Session, you’ll:

  • Get crystal clear on your career vision and what your next level looks like

  • Uncover the hidden blocks, challenges and limitations holding you back from your greatness

  • Get re-energized and re-inspired and show up with confidence in the next phase of your career

I TRIPLED my salary and landed an amazing role that perfectly blends all of my work experience. Dorianne helped me develop purpose-driven goals, identify my transferable skills and position myself as a stand out addition to any team. I also gained confidence and clarity for my job search!
— Moraa O.


A Career Breakthrough Coaching Session with Dorianne gives you access to an HR leader, career advisor and salary strategist with over 10 years experience helping experienced professionals like you navigate game changing career transitions and get more money and more fulfillment.

What that means is: I help high performing women who work in HR, Legal, Compliance, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Communications and Operations overcome confusion and limiting beliefs so they can do purpose-driven work that’s high impact, high visibility and high paying.

A Career Breakthrough Coaching Session is for you if you have at least 5 years of work experience and…

  • You know you’re destined for great things in the next phase of your career, but you have no idea what to do or where to start

  • You’re sick and tired of being confused in your career and need answers to your questions: What should I do next? Should I go after that promotion? Is it time for a raise? Should I stay put or start looking for a new job? Should I start my own business?

  • You know that you need to be supported in your next phase of career growth, but your friends and family are in completely different spaces in their own careers and can’t give you the kind of advice you need to level up

A Career Breakthrough Coaching Session is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not “coachable” and have a problem receiving feedback from an HR leader with over 10 years experience in career strategy and life design

  • You don’t believe that your mindset is directly connected to the level of success you can achieve in your career

  • You’re not ready to own your results and accept responsibility for the achievement of your career goals


If you’ve ever felt like you don’t know what it takes to have a career that’s aligned with your purpose, or that there’s no way you can break through all the confusion you feel. I’m here to tell you…


You just need the right guidance, and that’s what I’m here for!

By the time you’re done with your Career Breakthrough Coaching Session, you’ll understand what you really want out of your career and understand what options you have for your next move.

You’ll basically be able to move forward with complete clarity, focus and confidence!

There are tons of coaches out there that talk a good game, but Dorianne can actually back it up. I ended up getting a $45,000 raise, flexibility and more visibility than I had in my previous position. Within 6 months of getting hired, I was also promoted to manage the team and got another raise!
— Sandra P.
After a few sessions we were able to establish goals based on my strengths. You provided guidance and helped me build confidence in myself. Thank you for helping me determine my destiny.
— Karen W.


The women I’ve worked with enjoy all kinds of career success, including:

  • Uncovering their purpose

  • Successful personal re-branding

  • 5-figure pay increases

  • More confidence

  • Overcome limiting beliefs

  • Exit a toxic work environment

  • Career fulfillment

  • Landing their dream job

  • Eliminate imposter syndrome

  • Become a better leader/manager

And most importantly, they’re able to get to a level of career clarity and confidence in HOURS, instead of YEARS


How it works

Step 1: Click the button below to schedule your free 30 minute Career Breakthrough Coaching Session

Step 2: Once you’re booked, you’ll receive a welcome email that confirms your scheduled date/time and next steps.

Step 3: Attend your Career Breakthrough Coaching Session at the scheduled date/time and get ready to get CRYSTAL clear on the next steps you need to take in your career!

It’s time for you to FINALLY have the career clarity you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to quiet that voice within telling you that you don’t have the time, money, energy, or credentials to walk toward your future boldly and with clarity.