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Hey, I'm Dorianne!

Career Coach & Inclusion Strategist

I help ambitious, Black women become sought after leaders and experts in their industry!


What’s possible in the next phase of your career?

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Every day I see high achieving and top performing women make crucial mistakes that block their purpose, sabotage their success and leave money on the table. It's time to change all that.


" As a woman of color, imposter syndrome became my reality, and I began to assume people saw me as an imposter as well. For my life, I saw a therapist, but what about my career?"

My conversation with Dorianne was transformational, validating and empowering. Dorianne gave me strategic action items and helped me set realistic deadlines to hold me accountable. Now I have a clear career strategy. The more Dorianne believed in me, the more I started to believe in myself -- and this was just after our FIRST session.

— Neelam C.


Regardless of where you are in your career right now , whether...

  • You’ve lost all excitement when it comes to your work and feel like you’re on a hamster wheel just existing and not living

  • You second guess your capabilities and what you bring to the table because you’ve been beaten down so many times at work

  • You’re feeling stuck in the current state of your career and have no clue what to do next or where to start to figure it out


We can work together to create a strategic and intentional plan to help you succeed in the next phase of your career!


About Me

I’m an advisor and mentor to Black women in Tech, HR, Legal, Compliance, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Communications and Operations.

I coach top performers on how to increase influence, perfect performance and find fulfillment.

I also work with organizations to create cultures where all employees - particularly those from historically excluded groups - can thrive.


What I'm up to these days



Since 2018, I’ve taken the wise words of Ms. Angela Rye to heart and have dedicated my time to helping organizations create spaces where professionals of color can #workWOKE. I have a line up of speaking engagements at organizations in Tech, Finance and Higher Ed.


Partnering with tech leadership to drive the execution of functional DEI strategy and narratives.

Last updated August 2019


" Dorianne listened to me, pushed me and gave me the confidence to kill it in my job search"

Working with her got me real results. I ended up getting the offer for the role – which came with a $45,000 raise, flexibility and more visibility than I had in my previous position.

-Sandra P.