Marie’s story…

I was seeking a career coach in order to gain some clarity on which direction to go with my career after running my current business full time for 8 years. I couldn't decide between doubling down as an entrepreneur and launching a new venture or entering the corporate world. I was nervous about finding someone who understands me, but Dorianne exceeded my expectations and made me feel at ease and comfortable.

Working with Dorianne helped me make a confident decision about launching my new business and helped me brainstorm new ways to get the support I needed for my current business.

After our career intensive, I was energized to strategize my consulting business and get things going! I hired a website developer and a writer for my web content.  I also developed a social media strategy. I developed a launch plan and within two weeks, I had a game changing meeting on the books with someone who could help me take my first business to the next level.  

If you are considering working with Dorianne, I would say to be ready to do the work you will be inspired to do after working with her.

—Marie J.