Moraa’s story…

Deciding whether or not to work with Dorianne was a big deal for me. After all, I’d already been unemployed for 7 months and investing in her services was a sacrifice I wasn’t sure I was ready to make.

The biggest question I had was: Would it be worth my time and energy?

I’m thrilled to say that it definitely was.

My professional background is unique. I have a J.D., have worked in legal services and even spent time at a startup running Operations. I had no clue how I was going to consolidate my varied experiences and showcase my transferable skills in a way that would convince a company to take a chance on me even though I didn’t have the “exact” experience they were looking for.

Dorianne helped me develop purpose-driven goals, identify my transferable skills and position myself as a stand out addition to any team. But it wasn’t just about the knowledge, the main benefits came from the confidence and clarity I gained for my job search. 

I won’t pretend the process was easy or without challenges. In fact, from beginning to end, it took about a year. But it was definitely strategic and purposeful, and ultimately, I landed an amazing role on an HR Policy team (perfect blend of all my experiences) and in a city I could only dream of living in! 

—Moraa O.