Sandra’s story…

When I first came to Dorianne, I had been working at my previous company for almost 3 ½ years. Although I enjoyed the work I was doing, I did not enjoy being overlooked by management, dealing with department politics and being severely underpaid.

I knew it was time for me to move on to the next level in my career, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t make the mistake so many of us make of starting at a new company that looks good on the surface but ends up being exactly like the company we're running from.

When it comes to career coaching, there are tons of coaches out there that talk a good game, but Dorianne helps you actually achieve your goals. She listened to me, pushed me and gave me the confidence to kill it in my job search. Working with her got me real results.

Dorianne coached me through the entire interview process from start to finish. She used her “Interviewer Psychology” method to tap into the mind of my interviewers and prepared me to answer any question they threw my way. She helped me craft the right kinds of questions to ask each of my interviewers in order to build rapport, position myself as a thought leader and showcase all the value I could bring to the table. 

I quickly breezed through each step of my interview process – starting with the phone screen all the way through to the final round – and the feedback every step of the way was super positive.

I ended up getting the offer for the role – which came with a $45,000 raise, flexibility and more visibility than I had in my previous position.  

—Sandra P.