Zainab’s story…

I was seeking a career coach because I realized I was in a rut professionally. I had no idea what I wanted to do, I was applying for roles and companies that I wasn’t interested in, I was miserable to be around, and I didn’t feel worthy to find success.

I was all-over the place. I didn’t think that I could have more professionally or achieve my goals because of the company I was at. I was having difficulty dealing with Senior Leaders; I felt as if I didn’t communicate properly and I was being rejected from various jobs that I applied to despite my experience.

I was nervous to say yes to working with a career coach, because I didn’t know what to expect. I feared that it was a scam and I felt like I’ve had a job since I was 14 so what can they tell me that I don’t already know.

Working with Dorianne helped me to see all of my professional accomplishments, understand that my past failures do not have to define me, identify my limiting beliefs and create a plan to fight them when they arrive and speak more confidently.

After working with Dorianne, I was able to show up to work my authority and assurance in my capabilities. I work in Tech so as a Black Women it’s imperative for me to be assured of myself because this environment will break you down if you are not mentally prepared. Most importantly, she helped me get over my need to be right and frame my ideas/opinions in a way that allows me to operate from a place that in unattached to the outcome. THIS IS HUGE when you are trying to grow your career because now I show up totally different, I’m mentally stronger, and my mindset is a lot better.

I won second place at a Pitch contest for an idea that I had and now moving towards the development phase of my business. After Dorianne helped me reframe my resume for the job I want, I’m currently exploring 3 different opportunities with recruiters in my desired field.

If you're considering working with Dorianne be prepared to receive honest (but compassionate) feedback about your habits and having her hold you accountable. You’ll probably regret telling her what you want to do because now she is going to make sure you do it.

Dorianne, I just want to say thank you for providing a safe space for me to share my story and be vulnerable. You’ve encouraged me to go after Senior Level roles and move past the professional emotional turmoil that I’ve experienced over the last year. Letting go of that hurt and pain has allowed me to show in spaces being authentic self and with a confidence that I deserve to be there.

—Zainab A.