4 things you should STOP doing this year


2016 is here.  New year brings new opportunities and new energy. It's time to accomplish all of the goals we've set out for ourselves and in order to do that, we also need to change some of the behavior that did not work out too well for us lastyear.

Here are 4 habits that need to be left in 2015 in order to get the most out of 2016:

  1. Trying to be perfect. The best opportunities are often the ones that take us out of our comfort zone.  We will be tempted to wait until we get it 'just right' or until we are 'ready', but this kind of thinking is a subtle form of procrastination.  Commit to moving forward with your goals RIGHT NOW and stop waiting for some perfect time to arrive.
  2. Being a flake.  If you say it, do it.  The fastest way for a boss chick to lose credibility is to continually break her promises.  Be thoughtful in what you commit to.  If you know you are already stretched to capacity, then you will have to decline any new commitments.  Be up front and honest with yourself and others as to what you can handle on your plate.
  3. Comparing yourself to others.  This is a big NO NO! You are your only competition.  It's a complete waste of valuable time and energy to worry about what someone else is doing. You don't know their story, their challenges or what they went through to get where they are.  Instead keep focused on what you want to achieve and what you need to do to get there.
  4. Toxic relationships.  Holding on to people that are negative and bring you down will drain you of your energy.  If people doubt you or try to talk you out of achieving great things, you don't need them around you.

BONUS: Dwelling on the past.  It happened. Now move on.  If you want true success you have to press forward. There is nothing to gain from being stuck in the past.  All of your past experiences have helped shape you into the incredible woman you are today so there's no use harping on a bad decision or situation you've dealt with.

You are truly the only person who can design the life of your dreams.  Believe in yourself and stay focused.