How Do You Know When It's Time to Move on to a New Career

Screenshot 2016-01-22 21.57.32Are you happy with your job?  Seems like a simple question, but every time I ask it, I don't get a straight answer.  There's a lot of hesitation, pauses, thinking, and explaining. Here's an easier question.  Do you dread Mondays?  Or - is it a daily struggle to get out of bed in the morning because you aren't thrilled with where you will have to spend the next 8-10 hours of your day?

At our very core, we all know whether the current job we are in is right for us or not.  So, why then is it so hard for us to admit we are unhappy with our work?

Listen, I know you have student loans to pay and a family to take care of.  I know you want to travel the world and live the lifestyle you have become accustomed to.  What I also know is that true career fulfillment will only come when you enjoy what you actually do. It's ok to want to try something different in your career.

It doesn't matter that you've been at the same company for 5 years or in the same industry for twice that.  By now you probably already know what you're passionate about - and even if you haven't figured it out yet, you at least are 100% sure of what you are not passionate about.  You have so much potential and should spend your time doing things that give you fulfillment AND pay your bills.  It doesn't have to be a choice between one or the other.

The first step toward finding your dream job is a complete shift in mindset.  You have to admit that it's time to move on - which is often the hardest part.