4 Reasons You're Still At Your Job (Even Though You Hate It)

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Are you 1 of the millions of people who hate their job, but still find themselves unable to move on to better opportunities?

How many times have you told yourself you're finally ready to make a change in your career - whether it be apply for that department transfer that comes with a huge pay raise, sign up for those night classes that will teach you the skills you need for the industry you want to break into, or submit that application to a new company that has just posted your dream job?

Have you done anything in the past 3-6 months towards actually accomplishing any of it?

Believe me, I'm not asking to make you feel bad about yourself or to place judgment, I just think it's important to admit that 99% of the time, what we say is different from what we actually do.

And nowhere is this fact more apparent than when it comes to making a career transition.

Here are 4 reasons you're still at your unfulfilling and uninspiring job - even though it's months (or years) past its expiration date. 

1. You're Afraid of Change

One of the main reasons you can't move past the thinking stage into action is because you're afraid of the uncertainty that comes with change. The fact is this: Even though you may despise you're job, you've gotten so used to your horrible boss or boring daily tasks, that the thought of doing something different brings about anxiety.

For many people, it's often easier to stay in a bad situation where you know what to expect, than to risk branching out into the unknown. Until you're ready to take on some level of  risk, you won't ever be truly motivated to take the necessary steps you need to improve your career.

2. Your RESUME Is Outdated

I think you'll agree that your resumé is the most important marketing document when it comes to your job search. This realization - especially if your resume hasn't been updated for some time - can be the cause of a lot of anxiety and stress.

While it's true the process of customizing your resume for each of the jobs you're applying for can be time consuming (and sometimes overwhelming), you shouldn't let this stop you from taking the steps necessary to get make a career move. Instead, acknowledge and embrace the fact that it's nearly impossible to go through a successful job search without an intentional and tailored resume and then begin the process of updating it.

3. You Need To Learn New Skills

If you've been in your current job for a long time or are looking to break into an entirely new industry altogether, you may feel discouraged as you think of all the new skills, concepts and technology you'll have to learn about. The key is to plan strategically. Taking the time to create a detailed plan that includes what you need to learn and by when can help decrease some of the anxiety you feel.

Ask yourself: What are the skills I need for a new career opportunity? How much time will it take? How much is it going to cost? Once you're clear on these things, you can put together a deliberate and strategic plan of how to get it done.

4. You Really Like Your Coworkers

If you're lucky enough to work with people you actually enjoy spending time with each day, it can be scary to think about risking such a great dynamic and willingly go into a situation where you aren't sure what to expect. 

What's important to keep in mind is that more important than liking the people you work with, is actually liking the work, so you owe it to yourself to seek out opportunities where you can thrive.

The longer you stay in a bad work environment, the more difficult it becomes to break free. It's up to you to become the CEO of your own career and take the steps necessary to finally love what you do.

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