Are You Burned Out at Work? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself.

Do you feel that?

The uncontrollable and all encompassing feeling of hating absolutely EVERY SINGLE THING about your job.

Whether it's your commute, the projects you've been assigned, the sound of your boss' voice, or the way the person next to you breathes loudly while you're trying to concentrate, every thing about your job works your last nerve.


If this sounds like you, you may be one of the many women who are experiencing burnout every day.

Burnout is a physical and/or emotional meltdown due to being overworked and over-stressed. And as someone who has experienced this in my professional past, I can tell you that it's no fun.

People who are burned out usually experience:

  • lack of focus (from being so overwhelmed with their workload at work)
  • frequent mood swings (from feeling happy about the state of their job/career)
  • extreme guilt (for never being able to complete assigned tasks and projects on time)
  • feelings of social isolation (from not having anyone to talk to about work frustration)
  • interruptions in sleep patterns and habits (from all of the above)

Want to  find out if you're burned out or not?