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We’ve had over 200 career conversations with top performing and ambitious women of color like you, so we know a thing (or three) about how you should prepare to make the most out of your session. Believe me, you’re not going to want to miss out on this opportunity to have your career breakthrough, so read below carefully!

  1. You’ll need to be in a quiet place with no distractions and where you can speak freely. Our coaches are only able to help when they can have open and honest dialogue.

  2. You’ll need access to a computer (or a tablet) as there may be some direction your coach will give you on the call that can’t be done on your phone.

  3. Get to know more about Dorianne and her work by watching this this quick 60 second video and listening to this episode from the Deeper than Work podcast.


Today’s call was TRULY a breakthrough. I’ve found the parts of myself I’d lost along the way, and reignited the excitement I’ve been so programmed to ignore.
— Jamese D.
My session was transformative. Now I have a clear career strategy. The more my coach believed in me, the more I started to believe in myself -and this was just after ONE session.
— Neelam C.


These are real women, with real stories. Just like you. The only thing separating you from these kind of results is your BREAKTHROUGH!