Episode 34: 5 Salary Limiting Mistakes Top Performers Make On Their Resume

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Hey Career Girl Nation! 

I’ve been getting a ton of questions about resumes coming in recently.

I did a Facebook live video about this topic over in my Career Success Circle group, and it was so well received that I wanted to reformat it to share with you guys.

I want to spend some time breaking down my top tips to make sure that your resume reflects just how amazing you are.  

I’ve talked to a lot of women who are top performers, but aren’t getting the job offers and interviews they want because there’s a disconnect with their resumes. The resumes don’t reflect how much value they bring to the table

If you’re on the job hunt and not hearing back even though you know you are qualified, or if you’re about to start job searching, episode 34 is a must listen!

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  • The 5 common mistakes I see in the resumes of top performers.

  • How you can take your resume from good to GREAT by making a few small changes.

  • Where the sweet spot is on your resume, and how to use it to your advantage.

  • The pieces your resume needs so that every single time you submit it, you get called in for an interview.

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