Episode 39: Why Being Underpaid is Costing You More Than Just Money

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Nemo Ashong

Hey Career Girl Nation!

In this episode, I get to interview a very special guest! I’ve known Mr. Nemo Ashong for close to two years, who is the founder of Empjoyment. He talks about his mission to have a truly inclusive and empowered world, and how we can value ourselves and know our full self-worth.

All of us are priceless, but we live in a world where things cost money and we need to afford that lifestyle. We should be pushing to get top dollar to where we are. But first, we need to be able to demonstrate our value, and own who we are.

I’m talking to a lot of women who are working to get the salaries they deserve, but there are systems at play where they don’t get paid at the same levels as men. A woman only makes 80 cents for every dollar that a man makes. For a black woman, they make even less. We discuss how you can start creating a space where you can speak freely, and open more doors.

If you know you are worth more and you want your salary to grow, episode 39 is a must listen!

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