Episode 37: Navigating a Career Change When You're Over 40

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Hey Career Girl Nation!

Today’s episode is a little different from the topics I normally discuss, specifically focusing on one demographic within corporate America.

I want to laser my focus on this and talk about women who are over 40 or approaching 40, and navigating a career change. I’m getting a lot of women reaching out and asking questions about this.

As you get older in the workplace, things can become more difficult. Being over 40 in corporate America isn’t easy.

People start to make incorrect assumptions. They think about all the stereotypes and stigmas that come with you being older. How can you navigate through that and move forward?

I’m going to break this down for you even more, and go through some strategies and tips you can use if you are in this age range trying to level up in your career.

Even if you aren’t 40, or you know you will be in this demographic at some point, then episode 37 is just for you!

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Episode Gems You Don't Want to Miss:


●     How to bounce back if you've been laid off

●     Why top performing women aren't in positions of power, and how this can be changed.

●     The 7 strategies to make a career transition, and how to position yourself.

●     Why you are uniquely qualified, and not overqualified.


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