Episode 42: Where the heck have I been? Lessons learned from the 6 month hiatus of the Deeper than Work podcast

Hey Career Girl Nation!

It’s baaaaack! Yes! The Deeper than Work podcast is back and all new with episode 42 all about what I’ve been up to over the past 6 months!

In this super personal and candid episode, I break down into detail 1) what happened, 2) where I’ve been and 3) what’s next for me, the Your Career Girl brand and the Deeper than Work podcast.

There’s so much in store for Your Career Girl in 2019 and beyond and I’m excited to dive into so much new content and career advice in the coming weeks, but before I do that, I wanted to take the time to walk my listeners through my growth journey to not only explain where I’ve been, but to provide support and encouragement for those of you who may be experiencing something similar.

For all of you die-hard listeners of the podcast, this one is a must listen! I truly appreciate all of your support and encouragement, as always!

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Episode Gems You Don't Want to Miss:

 The importance of aligning on expectations for the relationships you’re in (work, personal, family, etc.)

●     Why you need to pay attention to your moods, ebbs, flows, highs and lows

●     The difference between a silent growth phase and a loud one + the benefits of each

●     The top three ways to know if you’re in need of your own silent growth phase

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Episode 40: How To Prevent Burnout In Your Career

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