Episode 36: How to Budget Your Current Coins as You Work Toward Increasing Your Income

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Hey Career Girl Nation!

In this episode I sit down with Jamila Souffrant, a money coach and creator of the blog Journey To Launch and we discuss some ideas of how you can expand your earning potential and keep as many coins as possible.

Many of us don’t realize the importance of budgeting. We don’t track what we spend, or how much we spend on items like groceries or transportation.

You can be making a lot of money and still be broke, living paycheck to paycheck. But there are ways to use the tools and the money you have to make even more!  

Each of us has a customized journey when it comes to money and finances. It’s really important to start thinking about what your goals are, and making sure your actions are lining up with those goals.   

If you want to reach your financial goals and learn valuable tips on budgeting, episode 36 is a must listen!  

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