Episode 52: How to Stop Letting Fear Cripple Your Career Goals

In part 1 of this series, episode 51, I talked all about confidence - which I believe is the #1 thing blocking your career glow-up. I broke down how detrimental lack of confidence is and why it’s the one critical skill for crafting a successful career.

Today I’m unmasking the second biggest culprit when it comes to career standstills - fear.

In all of the conversations I have with women, there’s a lot of fears that come up when it comes to why they’re not progressing in their careers. They’re afraid to ask for a raise, afraid to apply for that job, afraid to actually move in the direction they need to go in.

There are so many women out there swimming around in stuck, fully aware of the next step they should take but unable to push past the fear to step into the careers they’ve always wanted.

Listen in as I break down how doubt is paralyzing your career and what you can do to finally cut the cord on fear.

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Episode Gems You Don't Want to Miss:

  • The 3+ types of fear holding your career hostage and how to recognize them

  • The biological reason why fear paralyzes your decision making and how to override it

  • The simple mindset hack you can use to easily get unstuck and kick fear to the curb

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