Episode 53: How to skyrocket your career growth through community

In the final episode of this 3 part series breaking down the 3 things you’re underestimating in your career that are keeping you from reaching the level of success you crave, I’m talking about community - which is the last foundational piece of building a successful career.

So many of the women that I talk to throw networking and community to the side, thinking they can ride the elevator of success to the top by themselves.

But truthfully, community means SO much more than team work. And it’s not just about networking, either. If you’re not leveraging community in your career and fostering relationships with people, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice - and I’m here to tell you how to start utilizing this key strategy for maximum success.

Listen in as I dig into the benefits of building your own personal career community, why networking really is the key to your net worth, and how community is the critical missing piece in your career success strategy.

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Episode Gems You Don't Want to Miss:

  • The flip side of being a high performer and how it can negatively affect relationship building

  • How to let go of feeling shady for using your connections to make career moves

  • What it means to cultivate a 360 degree community and 3 reasons why you absolutely need one

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