Episode 49: How to Process the Trauma of Getting "Let Go" from Your Job

I was chatting with one of my career coaching clients the other day about her professional journey, and our conversation veered onto the topic of when she was fired two years ago from her job and how much emotional baggage she still carried from that experience.

Even though she’s since found another role that she enjoys. Even though the reason for her being fired wasn’t because she was incompetent or not good at her job, she still carries the scars.

Our conversation was both inspiring and triggering for me. It got me thinking about my own lay off back in 2011 and how rattled I was by it and how it still shapes the way I view and interact with organizations all these years later.

Listen in as I dig into the implications of being involuntarily let go from your company and what you can do to process this professional trauma.

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Episode Gems You Don't Want to Miss:

  • The real, underlying implications of being let go from your job that go well beyond not having a pay check

  • The horrible advice “well-meaning” friends and family give people who’ve been fired or laid off that is completely wrong and in some cases, damaging

  • Three of the most common feelings people who are involuntarily separated from their companies feel - and why it’s OK to feel them

  • My 3 step system that will help you process the trauma associated with being let go so you can come out on the other side stronger than ever before

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