Episode 38: Real Life LinkedIn Strategies for Black Women in Corporate America

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Hey Career Girl Nation!

In this episode, I sit down with a very exciting guest! Meet Aithyni, owner of The Career Design Lab, and working during the day as a diversity and inclusion manager. She talks with us about her journey, and how LinkedIn helped transition her to a new and amazing career.

LinkedIn is a place with no judgment, a space for starting open genuine discussions with like-minded people. Even if you aren’t job searching right now, it’s still important to find those connections.

There are also many unique challenges women face in the workplace, no matter what your skin type. Many of us face unconscious bias, myself included. We dig deeper into how LinkedIn can help you leverage, and battle that bias.

If you want to own your career and find the right people that will navigate the way to your goals and dreams, episode 38 is a must listen!

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