Episode 48: How to FINALLY give yourself Permission to Prosper with Kathlyn Hart

We’re chatting with Salary Negotiation Coach, Kathlyn Hart in this week’s episode and we’re breaking through the myths and negative thinking associated with asking for more money.

Kathlyn specializes in financial empowerment and her mission is to help you earn more money so you can live your most bold and brave life.


She’s not only been able to amass huge success in her own finances by saving over $16,000 to quit the 9-5 world to make my dream of backpacking across Asia a reality and finding the courage to successfully switch careers from non-profit to software design, she’s also coached countless millennials on their journey to increase their income as well!

Listen in as Kathlyn shares her super practical and relatable advice on how to give yourself permission to prosper.

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Episode Gems You Don't Want to Miss:

  • How your money beliefs directly impact your earning potential even if you don’t realize you have these beliefs in the first place

  • Common blockers keeping you from getting more money in your career

  • How to finally give yourself permission to prosper in your career - no matter what industry you’re in

  • How and why choosing a new money narrative is the critical piece of increasing your earning potential

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

  • Visit Kathlyn’s website to learn more about her and her work at kathlynhart.com

  • Tired of of feeling underpaid? Learn how to negotiate like a boss, and actually get paid what you deserve, now over at bebravegetpaid.com

  • Keep up with Kathlyn’s via Instagram: @iamkathlynhart

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