Episode 14: How to Set Boundaries, Avoid Being a Workaholic and Still KILL IT at Work and Life!

Episode 14 of the Deeper than Work podcast is on FIRE with special guest host, Adunola Adeshola from employeeREDEFINED.com.

Adunola Adeshola is a career strategist who teaches young professionals how to transition from bored and frustrated to satisfied and fulfilled in their careers. 

In her signature program, careerREDEFINED, she helps her clients navigate their job hunt strategy so that they can land the positions they know they deserve. She also shares practical advice on how to take control of your career and life on her website, employeeREDEFINED.com

In her free time, you can find her in her kitchen trying out a new recipe she found somewhere online. 

In this episode, find out Adunola's 3 tips for setting boundaries at work to avoided getting overhwelmed.