Episode 31: 5 Things You MUST Do Before You Ask For Your Next Raise

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Hey Career Girl Nation! 

One thing I’m very passionate about is helping women make more money. I’m all about breaking that glass ceiling, and earning the salary you’ re worth.

I see a lot of people struggling when it comes to asking for a raise. People don’t seem to know the right steps to take, and aren’t getting the outcomes they hope for.

The biggest mistake I see people make is not being prepared for the big conversation. You can’t just schedule a meeting with HR and tell them you want a raise--there is so much you should do before you even think about requesting that meeting!

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the five things you need to do so that when you go in to that meeting with your manager, you’re fully prepared.

If you are trying to get a salary increase this year, then episode 31 is a must-listen for you!

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