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Episode 32: How to Play the Game at Work: Navigating Office Politics

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Hey Career Girl Nation! 

I want to talk to you about “playing the game” at work. 

This topic came up after a member of my Career Success Circle community asked about navigating office politics.

I hear from a lot of women in corporate America that they’re not interested in playing the game, and I think that’s because they believe it to be negative.

When most people hear the term “playing the game”, they think of it with a negative connotation. They think it means you have to be cutthroat and shady. But that’s not the case!

In today’s episode, I’m breaking down exactly what it means to play the game, and the five strategies you need to successfully navigate it.

If you don’t know how to play the game, or don’t know where to start, episode 32 is for you!

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