Episode 24: Dealing with Sexual Harassment at Work

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Sexual harassment in the U.S. has ALWAYS been a problem.

And with the recent rise of the #metoo movement, led by Tarana Burke, our problem is now all over these internet streets for the world to see.

Yup, that's right. We've been hearing pretty much on a daily basis just how icky men have been to the women they work with. Whether it's by forceably groping or kissing them, making inappropriate comments, or flat out rape.

Did you know that over 17 million women have reported sexual assault since 1998?

It's crazy, y'all.

And of those 17 million that have reported their assault, there are millions more who've yet to speak up. These stats are just not OK by me and is the reason I've dedicated this episode to equipping you with the proper information, tools and resources you need to do your part to end this systemic problem.

In this episode, I'm diving DEEP into sexual harassment in the workplace. I break down:

  • What sexual harassment is and isn't

  • What we (yes, you and me included) keep doing that allows it to happen

  • What we (again, you and me) can do to stop it going forward!

If you've ever experienced, witnessed, or heard about sexual harassment at work (basically, if you're an adult with access to the internet) - this episode is for you.

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Links mentioned in this episode:

  • The official website of the #metoo movement

  • Moveon.org's video featuring Tarana Burke

  • Read all about Uber's sexual harassment woes here

  • The official website of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

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