Episode 27: 34 Things I've Learned in My Career (The Birthday Episode)

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It's January 8, 2018 and I turn 34 today! Whoop whoop!

I'm not one of those people who has a problem getting older. I embrace it. There's just so much to be grateful for and so many lessons I've learned over alll these 34 years.

I'm feeling like I'm a fine wine, y'all.

One of the luxuries of getting another year older, is the acquisition of more knowledge and wisdom - especially as it relates to my career.

I've been through sooo much on my professional journey since I graduated from college back in 2005. From being the new kid on the block, to working in a toxic work environment, to being laid off, to building my career back up again, to becoming the most senior black woman at my company.

Let me tell you, if I could tell 21 year old Dorianne the things that I know now, I could have done so many things differently and avoid some of the drama. When they say "hindsight is 20/20", they're not lying.

In this episode, I break down the 34 things I've learned over the years in my career. Yup, that's one lesson for every year of life.

I'm hoping these lessons will resonate with you as well. Enjoy!

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The 34 lessons I've learned in my career thus far:

1. Other people's success doesn't take away from my own
2. I am exactly where I need to be
3. Stay humble (or life will humble you)
4. Honor your pace
5. Power posing WORKS
6. Don’t apologize
7. Dress up for work (appearance matters)
8. Get a crew
9. Introverts can win at networking
10. Everyone is a hot mess underneath
11. Make time for friends and family
12. Everything has a season
13. Nice girls finish last
14. You can live the dream
15. Your attitude determines your altitude
16. Use every single vacation day
17. Burnout is real
18. Write down your goals
19. Having a mentor isn’t optional
20. Whatever room you’re in, you belong there
21. Find time to develop your skills
22. One day you will become the old chick on the room - embrace it
23. Finding fulfilling work is a form of self care
24. Don’t ask a blind person to proof read your vision statement
25. Entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones who can make money in heir careers
26. You can’t do better if you don’t think better
27. Making a lot of money means nothing if you don’t keep any of it
28. Things don’t have to be all or nothing
29. Teamwork makes the dream work
30. Surround yourself with winners
31. Beyoncé has a team
32. You know more than you think you do
33. It’s really not that serious
34. Stop overthinking

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